Pet Policy

  • Any tenant or applicant who wishes to keep a pet shall so inform management first.
  • A Pet Addendum shall be signed immediately by the tenant along with a payment arrangement if pet deposit is not paid in full. (Pet deposit is same as rent or ½ if military).
  • No tenant shall have more than two (2) cats or dogs.
  • Tenant agrees to adhere to local ordinances, including leash and licensing requirements.
  • Tenants agree to keep their pet(s) under control at all times.
  • Pet owners shall be liable for damage caused by their pets.
  • Keep the property clean and free of pet odors, insect infestation and pet feces, urine, waste and litter.
  • Restrain and prevent the pet from gnawing, chewing, scratching or otherwise defacing the doors, walls, windows and floor coverings of the property to include landscaping and shrubs.
  • During the high risk seasons the property to include yard must be treated for fleas and ticks. The pet(s) shall also be kept treated.

Utility Information



Web: www.connecttoatt.com

Phone Residential Service: (800) 464-7928
Business Customers: (800) 499-7928



Public Service Co. of OK (PSO)

Web: www.psoklahoma.com
Phone: (888) 216-3523



CenterPoint Energy

Web: www.centerpointenergy.com
Phone: (866) 275-5265


Cable Television

Lawton Cablevision

Web: www.lcisp.com
Phone: (580) 353-2250


City of Lawton Public Works

Web: http://www.cityof.lawton.ok.us/PubWks/index.htm

Water Distribution Phone: (580) 581-3419